24H Tremblant Success!

A few words from President Patrick Van Der Walde:

This is a small note to update you on the 24H-Ski-A-Thon that the Red Birds Ski Club took place in last weekend.

To consider the following;

-We had 5 weeks to put together a team and try to collect money -we ended up with 7 & the minimum is 6. [So we all had to ski 3+ hours each approx. straight]

– 72 hours before ski day it was 7C up north and pouring rain[Thank the heavens Jack frost turned that around quickly].

-Conditions were nothing to write home about. It was sunny and -2C all day with no wind-perfect to start though by 7pm the winds picked up fast and by 9pm had hit 40-50km an hour[ fun-fun-funnnn!!!]

-The parking situation was a disaster-some had to walk from P3 to the hill-about 2kms as the shuttle service stopped at 11.[you think they’d tell us??]

Anyways, no point to quip about it-WE GOT IT DONE!. If it wasn’t for the commitment and endurance of Jessica and her crew [Jarred-Chris-Mike] who skied through the night and wind-crazy Canucks they are. If it wasn’t for my buddy Phil sigrist who drove up Saturday morning-did his shift and drove back to the city to be with his kids for his birthday.If it wasn’t for a super great “ironman”-type of kid named Zephyr, who stuck through it and even in the very early wee hours beside his grandad Boomer Throop-this day would of never happened. Yeah I skied-but I was just the “clutch” player in all this. 😉

I am happy to say that with the big hearts of friends, family and especially members of the Red Birds Ski club, we were able to raise $5,335. We doubled our objective and I can only say I am honoured and proud to have skied with an awesome bunch of people and skiers. Thank you to all of them and their commitment and thank you to everyone who helped us out in donating. I am truly grateful and extremely appreciative of your help with this difficult task. A great day was had with laughs and a few bruises but we are already looking forward to next year.

In closing, I want to wish all members, friends and family a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, safe and memorable holiday. I wish all of you good health & plenty of joy for the New Year.

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