NFB story – Jack Rabbit

This short film retraces the life of Herman “Jack Rabbit” Smith Johannsen, RBSC#27 the man who introduced the sport of cross-country skiing to Canadians. From past to present, his life story is portrayed through pictures from sports newsreels, Norwegian archives and his family album. The film catches up with him at both the Canadian Ski Marathon, where he is the honoured guest, and on a return trip to his native Norway.

(Source: Jack Rabbit by William Brind, National Film Board of Canada

Red Birds Ski Club

Established in 1928

The Red Birds Ski Club was formed in 1928 with the idea of keeping together a group of McGill Ski Team friends who loved to ski and compete. Bill Thompson, Harry Pangman, Stirling Maxwell and their mentors at McGill, Colonel Bovey and Major Forbes, had no idea that the club would continue through the year 2000, attract over 500 members, place skiers on 5 Olympic and many other international teams, start the development of Mont Tremblant before Ryan even saw the mountain, bring Canada the latest ski equipment and techniques from Europe, organize a junior training program which would be widely copied and, maybe best of all, bring together a group of young men who would become life-long friends. (Dick Meyer, as quoted in Robert Stewart’s book The Trail Breakers)