History of the Quebec Kandahar & Peter Ryan Cups

quebec kandahar & peter ryan cupsThe Quebec Kandahar Cup, which the Red Birds Ski Club hosts every year, is one of a series of races held every year since 1928, (with the exception of the Nazi Years from 1938-1946) that was started by the British Kandahar Ski Club. The Kandahar Ski Club was founded in early 1924 by British ski racing enthusiasts Arnold Lunn and Duncan Harvey in Mürren, Switzerland. It was named for Lord Roberts of Kandahar, an early supporter and donor to downhill ski racing. Incidentally, Lord Roberts of Kandahar was named for the city of Kandahar in Afghanistan. Kandahar is a corruption of Alexandria, as the city was named by Alexander the Great when he founded it…


List of winners - Quebec Kandahar Cup (MEN)

Year Name Surname Club Team
1932 George Jost Red Birds Canada
1933 Peter Gillespie Red Birds Canada
1934 Art Gravel MSC Canada
1935 Karl Baadsvik VSC Canada
1936 Viateur Cousineau LCSC Canada
1937 Arnold Kaech SAS Switzerland
1938 Louis Cochand LCSC Canada
1939 R Trottier SSSC Canada
1940 C Schwarzenbach ASC of NY USA
1941 Doug Mann McG SC Canada
1943-45 Withdrawn from competition
1946 Donald Staniforth MOC Canada
1947 Bill Irwin Amber SC Canada
1948 R Maxwell MOC Canada
1949 G Panisset   France
1950 Jack Griffin MOC Canada
1951 Jack Griffin McGill Canada
1952 A Tommy OSC Canada
1953 R Richardson Mt Gabriel SC Canada
1954 T Corcoran DOC USA
1955 A Tommy OSC Canada
1956 R Gilmour Nordik Canada
1957 Josl Reider   Austria
1958 Guy Perillat   France
1959 D’Arcy Marsh OSC Canada
1960 Marvin Moriarty Mt Mansfield USA
1961 D’Arcy Marsh OSC Canada
1962 Leo Lacroix   Canada
1963 Peter Duncan Tremblant Canada
1964 Rod Hebron   Canada
1965 Rod Hebron   Canada
1966 Les Streeter   USA
1967 Scott Henderson   Canada
1968 Paul Reed   USA
1969 Lasse Hamre   Norway
1970 Manfred Jakober   Switzerland
1971 Alain Cousineau Quebec Canada
1972 Phil Graves NCD Canada
1973 Robert Safrata SOD Canada
1974 Alain Cousineau Quebec Canada
1975 Daniel Bergeron Skibec Canada
1976 Jack Woods   Canada
1977 Dave Stapleton   USA
1978 Peter Monod   Canada
1979 Gregg Hann   Canada
1980 Jeff Delany   USA
1981 David Roth   Canada
1982 Gunnar Neurisser   Sweden
1983-84 Withdrawn from competition
1985 Tiger Shaw   USA
1986 Daniel Stripp   USA
1987-91 Withdrawn from competition
1992 Patrick Lapierre U de M Canada
1993 Sean Valentine   Canada
1994 Withdrawn from competition
1995 Graydon Oldfield   Canada
1996 Brandon Dyksterhouse   USA
1997-04 Withdrawn from competition
2005 James Cochrane   USA
2006 Francis Fortin-Houle É Q Canada
2007 Withdrawn from competition
2008 Erik Gilbert   USA
2009 Ace Tarberry   USA
2010 Dustin Cook   Canada
2011 Ryan Semple   Canada
2012 Jeffrey Frisch   Canada
2013 William Schuessler Bédard Sutton Canada
2014 William Schuessler Bédard Sutton Canada
2015 Philippe Rivest Sutton Canada

List of winners - Peter Ryan Cup (WOMEN)

Year Name Surname Team
1963 Nancy Greene Canada
1964 Nancy Greene Canada
1965 Barbara Walker Canada
1966 Linda Bocock Canada
1967 Nancy Greene Canada
1968 Betsy Clifford Canada
1969 Diane Culver Canada
1970 Marilyn Robbins Ontario
1971 Julie Dobell Laurentian
1972 Carolyn Dufresne Quebec
1973 Julie Dobell Canada
1974 Andrea Esson Ontario
1975 Andrea Esson Ontario
1976 Vanita Haining Canada
1977 Heidi Preuss USA
1978 Heidi Preuss USA
1979 Chris McCready Canada
1980 Hélène Leguerrier Laurentian
1981 Lori Hazelhurst USA
1982 Christina von Grünigen Switzerland
1983 Withdrawn from competition
1984 Withdrawn from competition
1985 Desa Segula Yugoslavia
1986 Nancy Gee Canada
1987-91 Withdrawn from competition
1992 Marie-Joelle Clement Laurentian
1993 Katria Tichy Canada
1994 Withdrawn from competition
1995 Kylie Booth Ontario
1996 Emilie Cousineau Quebec
1997-07 Withdrawn from competition
2008 Jilyne McDonald USA
2009 Hiromi Yumoto Japan
2010 Geneviève Simard Canada
2011 Victoria Stevens Canada
2012 Adrienne Poitras Canada
2013 Mikaela Tommy Canada
2014 Roni Remme Canada
2015 Victoria Stevens Canada